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Cinemas & IMAX M malcolm-baey April 16, 2012 1287
Oldest Mall Still Remains Relevant
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Overall Rating 
Cathay, despite being the oldest mall in our sunny (TOO sunny) island, still remains relevant in today's day and age with its selection of retailers, schools, cinemas and food places. Cathay ages gracefully with time with no signs of old or obsolete at all (though it might be a bit sad that there is not much of linkage to its historical past). The layout of the mall is also clean and simple. Very accessible.

Cathay is a relatively quiet mall. It serves as a nice hideout from the crowd and hubbub at neighbouring Plaza Sing. Hence, the experience at Cathay is soothing and relaxed. What you can expect at Cathay besides the cinema (DUH), Starbucks, frolicks and Ashtons, is a platter of local fashion stores like egg3, Volta and Revoltage which are all worth the visit and a must-visit for me when I'm at Cathay.

There is also the dance school - Jitterbugs which offer dance lessons to almost all ages from ballet to hiphop and to burlesque. Tucked in a corner of the top floor is also the games haven and heaven, St. Games Cafe where you can rent a room with your friends to play virtually any game you want on any gaming platform of your choice!

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