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Cinemas & IMAX M malcolm-baey April 16, 2012 1287
Only there for Cathay
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I usually go to The Cathay only for the cinema. I once explored the mall and found that shops in that mall are commonly found in the main part of town as well. No need to come all the way here. Shopping is not that great or pocket-friendly here and as such, besides frequent movie-goers, I don't think many people actually shop here. Astons always has a long queue and I won't bother queuing for it (I only queue for Ippudo). I usually have my meals somewhere else before coming here for my movie.

Movies wise, it is good. As there is another cinema at Plaza Singapura, you are more likely to get your desired movie slot and seats as compared to other cinemas. You also do not have to compete with the rest of the people for prime seats and tickets! The only food I have tasted from this mall is the pizza bar located at the basement. It was nothing special at all. And quite expensive. About $6.50 per slice? Totally not filling at all. The toilets are clean as well and the lifts move at a fast speed. I can't stand waiting long for lifts in shopping malls. I'd rather take the stairs. Happened to me when I was at TANGS shopping earlier this afternoon. I would say, never belittle the power of a lift and appreciate fast-moving lifts, especially if you are lazy like me :o)
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