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Cinemas & IMAX A audrey-oh May 17, 2012 473
Limited edition stuff at GV!
(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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Blame me for being a typical Singaporean as I 'brag' about how great these limited edition stuff are, but as I type this review, an 'Avengers' cup is sitting right next to me on my desk. In my opinion, all the theatres in Singapore are up to my standards. GV, however, has excelled in making their patrons come back again and again. I'm not sure what attracts me so much to GV, although I'm pretty sure it's the comfort it gives me.

They offer limited edition stuff too, although you have to buy it. I got myself an 'Avengers' popcorn set, where I got a large popcorn (I presume) and a cup of sprite. The drink was given to me in that limited edition cup itself, and I didn't like it. I had to take the trouble of washing it before I could take it home. I might sound like a sissy, but washing a cup when you have to carry so many things with you is uncool (they also gave me a hulk figurine for the cup and a cardboard thingy (not sure what it is for, though).

I'm sure that if they are able to offer such great items, they would also be able to give you a plastic bag or something similar. GV has to understand that not everyone brings a bag with them!

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