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Cinemas & IMAX A audrey-oh May 17, 2012 473
Classy but so what
(Updated: May 21, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
Classy? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Clean? Yes. Golden Village has all the qualities that a movie-goer might look for for a movie screening. However, it doesn’t satisfy mine. So what if it’s classy and spacious when the prices are so expensive and the service i get from the crew is so bad? I always get a bitter feeling inside whenever i visit Golden Village.

Golden Village price its movie tickets much higher than its fellow counter parts. Just take a look at its student price. Other cinemas like Eng Wah, Shaw and Cathay sell student priced tickets at $6 or $6.50 and Golden Village? It’s an exorbitant $7 for a student ticket. This is like the price of a normal movie ticket in Eng Wah. You might call me a miser and just being anal about a few cents but i personally feel that Golden Village is exploiting its customers. It plays on the fact that it has many branches, in fact the most branches, in Singapore and so have no qualms about pricing its tickets much higher than the other cinemas since many of us still patronise them anyway.

Another thing about Golden Village that really makes me boil is the service they provide. The crew members behind the counter doesn’t even put in effort to smile or give us the quality service. They look up at you, ask you what do you want and when you seem to hesitate awhile about how many or what time of the movie tickets you should buy, they get impatient and show that they are impatient right in your face. This i cannot tolerate. We are all here to have a good time and nothing is worse than getting fed up before the movie. The bad service i received doesn’t happen just one or twice, but everytime i’m at Golden Village until i stopped going there entirely.

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