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Cinemas & IMAX P poppy March 07, 2013 1262
Pleasant movie experience
(Updated: November 17, 2013)
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Being a frequent visitor to the National Library at Bugis, it inadvertently led to me visiting illuma and hence noticing a cinema with a name that is not really familiar to me : FILMGARDE. Hence, priding myself as someone who won't shun new things but instead try them out, I organised an outing with a group of friends to try out the cinema.

It was overall a really pleasant experience. The screen was able to accomodate swashbuckling action that seemed almost life-like, I liked the layout of the theatres, the seats were comfortable such that my movie experience was spent resting my backside on top of a layer of heaven, and the toilet was nearby.

However, what stopped me from giving the place 5 stars would be the price. Filmgarde charges slightly higher prices as compared to other cinemas, which I deemed an unwise move as Filmgrade does not command a reputation the way Golden Village and Cathay does. While I understand that Filmgarde does not have that many outlets in Singapore and hence it is hard for costs to be spread around, higher prices will deter customers who could simply just cross the road to watch the show at SHAW Bugis, located in Bugis Junction. Moverover, in the long run, it may be labelled as a classy brand which is not in touch with customers whom are in the lower income group. My take on this is that in spite of the slight difference in prices, when word gets around, it tends to get blown out of proportion.
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