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Cinemas & IMAX T thegazette April 18, 2012 762
Service that touches your heart
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Eng Wah has hardly had fans in the younger generation when it comes to watching movies. It was a pity that we missed out on this great cineplex. I went to the Bugis branch which has since closed down, last year.

It was an experience which opened my eyes to the belief of great service. And mind you, it was the elderly workers that served us after the movie. Firstly, the seats were albeit a little old, but it still worked well and comfy. The theatre was deadly quiet and vacant which only fueled my enthusiam in the movie with my friend because of the belief that it would be quieter with less disruptions.

Sound system was great and the bass was good making the entire movie clear enjoyable without killing my ears. The screen was albeit a little older looking, it still worked fine and wasnt as glaring as it was in the newer cineplexes. What touched me was the elderly workers that greeted us before we entered and after we left the theatre. The sweet tender smiles and offerings to help us dispose of our tickets and rubbish we brought in only made my heart melt.

It is a waste that Eng Wah is fast dwindling in Singapore, with such great service from the heart perhaps it would be better they could work on the physical aspects to build its reputation once again.

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