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Theatre and Performance X xinty July 11, 2012 858
The Right Atmosphere
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I have been to the Esplanade a couple of times to watch plays, as well as simply to admire the scenery from the rooftop.

The interior of the esplanade is really quite stunning, and I always feel like I have been transported to a western country traditional theatre. The strange thing is the arrangement of some of the seats are in quite weird places, there were a few single seats in the theatre that I watched a play in, lining the side of the railing and it looked like they were just trying to squeeze in the last few seats since there was space available. Apart from that, the place had just the right ambience for any kind of play.

I have watched a Twist of Fate, Forbidden City and The Phantom of the Opera at the esplanade. All of these have different touches to them and all were thoroughly enjoyed within this theatre.

Plays aside, the exterior of esplanade also has a scenery to behold. The waterfront provides a beautiful backdrop for phototaking or simply admiring the view. Many couples like to go to the rooftop where you can enjoy some quiet times. Once I also saw a rainbow while I was up there so it was really a pretty sight!
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