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Theatre and Performance X xinty July 11, 2012 858
A beautiful place to drop by even if you aren't coming for a show!
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I do not like durians, but this is one durian is really worth admiring and enjoying without being eaten! The Esplanade is a place whereby Singaporeans and tourists alike would typically go to for concerts and stage performances, be it professional or just a school production (some of which can be REALLY impressive!).

Gone are the days when I'd always hear people promoting their performances as such: "Come support us at Victoria Concert Hall!" Today, most productions and performances almost always are to be held at the Esplanade, unless the concert is big-scale (like major celebrity concerts such as SM TOWN, yes I had to say this hehehe), and I am not really surprised at all!

First of all, the Esplanade is easier to access than most other concert halls like VCH and Singapore Conference Hall. Secondly, the interior and concert halls look more grand and modern compared to those places. At the Esplanade, you'd definitely wanna stick around and explore the place and shops within, whereas at the other places I mentioned, there's nothing much to stay around for after your concert.

Even if you aren't expecting a concert any time soon to attend at the Esplanade, you can always make a trip down to just check the place out, it will be worth your time, especially if you are a budding photographer like me as this place has interesting things to shoot inside and out!

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