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If you can say of a theatre: I sat in the gods and I saw everything and heard every word or every note, you know you are in a theatre where the line of sight and the acoustics are excellent.

You can definitely say that of the two main theatres in the Esplanade, and of course, the smaller performing spaces.

Form the moment you walk into the foyer (which, by the way, beats the foyer of the Sydney Opera House) for an evening concert, and realise that you are being serenaded by a soloist, a choir, a folk group or whatever, you know you are in a living arts centre.

The place is well designed. The inevitable crush after the crowd leaves is well managed because the place is sensibly designed.

All that is needed to make it almost perfect is to prevent latecomers from entering. PLEASE! I don't care if they are sitting in the most expensive seats! The MRT is not late every day, and in any case, if they are in the expensive seats, they won't be taking the MRT.

That aside, a visit to a performance there has always been a delight. It is a pity we don't hear more of the magnificent pipe organ in the concert hall. Maybe they could organise free lunch time concerts such as occur in most large cities in the world?
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