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Others D damien April 02, 2013 1663
I've never taken this train
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But I know it makes for a lovely photoshoot location.

I came here for an art project years ago, before it was officially closed. I wanted to take photos for my O'levels art and I waited all day for a train to appear so my photos would take the cream prize but it never came.

Good that it didn't though, I spent much of the day dangerously hovering around the tracks.

This place is really near King Albert Park's McDonald's. My mum came with me and every time we got hungry, we'd mention McDonald's and it was a 10 minutes walk away.

At the train station itself, there was an old man guarding it and he eyed me warily when I was photoshooting. He does not seem impressed hahah oh well.

The scenery feels picturesque and for a minute, you're not in Singapore. And for a minute, your dslr will dread the spam of photos it's going to be on duty for.

And for a minute, my photos were infinite.

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The beautiful photos
Bukit Timah
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November 15, 2013
wahahah nice photoshoot there!
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