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Museums D denise-chia July 04, 2014 263
Really fun but once is enough!
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To celebrate the end of our common tests, I visited Trick Eye Museum with 2 of my friends today after hearing everyone rave about it. The main selling point of the Trick Eye Museum is that in contrast to most conventional museums, visitors are actually encouraged to touch, interact and take photos with the exhibits!

Fortunately, the place wasn't too difficult to find - just a short walk from the Sentosa Boardwalk - and we didn't have to wait at all before entering. After buying our tickets, we immediately headed into the museum.

The entrance of the museum itself had quite a few exhibits for us to take pictures with. The exhibits mostly consisted of optical illusions and 3D structures. There were a few sections of the museum - the fairy tale section, the winter section and many more. Each section was themed and I thought that added a unique touch to the exhibits!

Overall, I thought it was really fun and the photos we took with the exhibits were, undoubtedly, REALLY cool - but I thought $25 was a bit pricey considering the fact that we managed to cover the entire museum within an hour, including photo-taking time. I'd recommend this place to those who enjoy taking photos but I think this is one of those places where one visit is more than enough.

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