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Museums F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 596
The perfect date, rain or shine
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I’m lazy and hate the sun, so the perfect outings or gatherings for me involve shopping, eating dinner, or staying at home. But SAM has become popular recently, and the photobooth print-outs you can get there were honestly what caught my attention.

While I’m not exactly the most cultured person around, the exhibitions were able to keep me interested. The art is very modern and relatable with some exhibits being interactive as well, and hence suitable for the youth. However, the layout of the museum does get confusing - the signs and directions are unclear, and I sometimes found myself walking in circles.

To be extremely honest, many of my friends, me included, visit SAM because of its photobooth, so I think I’d review it a little. The photobooth is extremely squeezy, barely able to fit two people. Otherwise, it’s affordable - $4 for a coloured print-out and a black & white one.

With the exhibits being air-conditioned, and SAM being only a short walk away from Bras Basah MRT station, a visit to SAM would be the perfect date when it’s too hot or rainy.
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