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Museums M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 928
Toys Toys Toys!
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Secluded from the bustling traffic of the central area and shaded away at a corner, the looks of the toy museum sure does not come across as magnificent on first sight. I must say that I had expected more of what seemed to be a toy museum than what stood before my eyes when I first arrived at the site. The shabby three storey building had a single walkway that led to the main counter for the purchase of tickets required for admission which I had found quite expensive initially.

The exhibition of toys were mainly separated into different levels, where toys were displayed in glass shelves. The wide collection of toys were very neatly categorised so the entire place basically looked organised. I, personally have a soft spot for such childish objects and despite them being kept at a distance in locked cabinets I was still awed by the whole experience as I was consistently being surrounded by tons of toys. However, I felt that it could have provided a more wholesome and cosy touch if it could have been more of a hands-on experience for some sections.To much of my liking, the museum sells many old school toys like marbles, five stones and plastic bubbles which I of course could not resist. They were an essential part of my childhood and I had to buy them down!

The toy museum brought back many memories and at the end of the day I enjoyed myself as I found myself staring face first at my childhood. The entire journey felt a little too short though as it was all confined within a small area. It was very different from what I had expected as I thought it would have been more of a Toys' R Us kind of trip, but it is a refreshing experience reading about the origins of many types of toys. Finally, although it was a little pricey, the cafe at the basement of the toy museum felt like just the right touch back into reality after what can be considered as an escapade into the world of toys.
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