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Museums M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 928
definitely worth the trip
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Personally, I ain’t really a fan of museums; I find them the most boring places on earth. However, the MINT museum is one such museum that makes me think twice about brushing off the idea of visiting a museum.

It is a really tiny and quaint museum; and within vicinity of Bras Basah! In fact, I think you might just walk past it and miss it if you are not on a lookout for it. I find its interior décor quite unique, though I must say its display of toy collection is a little eccentric.

The last time I visited the museum, the toys were displayed on shelves arranged consecutively after each other; and this made them look pretty squeezed and short of space. It was not as spaced out as those you would normally see in ordinary museums.

However, I believe that will not bother you very much because I believe the uniqueness of the toys alone will be enough to distract your attention away from the cluttered arrangement.

I believe this will bring back strong feelings of nostalgia and sentimental thoughts for those born in the 1990s and before; the younger generation no longer play with toys, they play with iPads. It will probably be a more fruitful trip than those of the later generation. It is definitely worth a visit; it has wide collection of vintage toys!

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