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Museums M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 928
More like a toy store than a museum...
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I purchased vouchers from Groupon to visit the MINT Museum of Toys earlier this year. I went on a Saturday afternoon, and this being my first visit, I was highly anticipating it. When I found the building, I was slightly disappointed. It was a situated in a nondescript row of eateries. Imagine that, a museum situated right next door to a chicken rice restaurant!

The staff were courteous enough, and we made our way from the top floor downwards. The toys floor are defined by the era they came from. Literally thousands of toys lined all the display cases! But the downside of it was that the displayed toys all look so cramped up. Coupled with narrow walkways and a mid-sized crowd, it was a challenge to navigate our way through the exhibits.

We were done rather fast, and as we exited the museum, we stopped by the gift shop which was laden with toys and playthings of yesteryear. the whole experience was not really what I expected, but it was something to satisfy my anticipation at least.
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