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Retro toy museum
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Before you stepped into this time capsule building, stand on the opposite side of the building and look up to the building. The reason I say to do so is the architecture astounded me when I first went there. It is suspended from the top, vastly different from the conventional idea of being supported by the earth. It is still supported by the ground per say, as it is hung from the top by the pillars. This amazing building teaches me that not only do one have to look at the quality of the services inside to be pampered, but the simplicity of overcoming the conventional was definitely a thumbs up.

The place could use a lot of better designing concept. Same old plain walls hanging different posters of the toys used in the past plastered the wall. I personally think that since it is such a fun place by its marketing idea, I think they should step up more on the decor.

The ticket was no special, typical as usual things in singapore. I went on my way up to the top so I would have the laziness working downwards instead of upwards. The first few floors were mind-boggling, seeing exactly how toys were in the past and how much intricacy there is even with a lack of good materials to use. They also include toys from Singapore Kampung days where you have blown up paper ball and gasing, a malay kampung top spun by wound up strings on the wooden top itself. The details of preservation also suprised me to see that they have kept so many great toy invention in my opinion in either mint condition or good condition.

However, the further down I walked, the lack of interest appear more and more prominent on my face. The toys had paint peeling off and some were simply so bad in condition I did not deem it as museum keepsake anymore. Scold me if you wish for finding historical toys which fascinated kids in the past and that it is a museum and it is part of their job to find and maintain the original and worn out integrity of the toys. I know for a fact that people could donate to the museum and that is why I find that they could find better pieces of the same toy to sort of "upgrade" the quality and give viewers a better peek into toys of the age.

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