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Interesting Idea But Boring Experience
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The MINT Museum of Toys is pretty special because it caters specifically to just toys, unlike the Singapore Arts Museum or National Museum. It is really easy to get to as it is located near Raffles City and you can easily walk there from City Hall MRT Station.

The museum is rather small since it is such a niche area. Unlike other museums which have large galleries and with the displays spaced out, this museum is more like a personal collection. The displays are cramped with many different toys, barely spaced out in glass containers. There isn't much space to walk either, it's like going into a rather cramped toy shop. Because of the display style it is very difficult to 'take your time' and appreciate the displays like I like to do when going to other museums. I guess it can be described as sensory overload; there are too many things to look at and you can't really take in everything at one time, so you just glance and move on.

There are many different kinds of toys on displays though. These include the 'golliwog' which is a special kind of rag doll. I used to read about them in Enid Blyton books but didnt manage to actually see what one looked like until I spotted it in the museum. There is also a section for toys specific to the Singapore culture, which may be interesting and will bring back memories for many. Other than that, the nostalgic quotient of many of the toys were completely lost on me because I had never seen or heard of them before. I guess toys aren't really my cup of tea as well. If you are an enthusiast though, I'm very sure that you will have a better time there than me.

The very top of the museum has a restaurant where you may want to have a meal, although I did not because it seems rather pricey. The ground floor of the museum also has a store selling various odds and ends including toys that Singaporean Children generally play with (the self assembled styrofoam airplanes and paper ball that you can blow up are some examples) although I believe that you can get the same thing for a much cheaper price at a convenience store in the housing estates.

The MINT Museum is an interesting idea, but the experience of going there itself was rather bland and boring. If you are not that interested in toys, the entrance fee would definitely be a waste of money.
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