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too cool for school
(Updated: August 08, 2012)
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An unconventional 5-storey toy museum located near Bugis, MINT is a perfect place to visit no matter who or how old you. Filled with toys from childhood, toys from movies, toys from cartoons, toys from countries all over the're sure to be filled with nostalgia.

Expect a wide variety of toys - from Mickey Mouse to China figurines to Astroboy to Tintin. They can be made from tin, cloth, wood, paper, plastic, etc. but are all united in the fact that they were crafted to bring joy and fun to children.

This is a haven for collectors and is sure to evoke child-like wonderment in people. Although small, it showcases rare toys dating back decades ago. It helps one get to know about other cultures and they even sell traditional toys such as kutikuti, chapteh and tops as souvenirs!

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