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Museums M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 928
Childhood Fantasies
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Ever wanted to complete collection of teddy bears, or the biggest Tintin statue your mind could dream of. This place offers a collection of your very own childhood fantasies, from immaculate collections of toy sport cars, laid out neatly in precise spacing or the entire teddy bear collection lining the walls of a staircase as you’re walking up. You are definitely bound to get caught up in the excitement that the place exudes. I have been there several times, and on one occasion I saw a couple getting their wedding pictures taken there! On another occasion there, we were celebrating a friend’s birthday and we surprised her on the staircase, where the teddy bears were. The museum itself may not be big, however despite its small size it packs a punch. I have nothing but fond memories of this place, as the emotional content and lingering sense of fun invites you to step back into a world where dreams are possible and fairies and golliwogs are real.
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