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Museums M malcolm-baey March 20, 2012 928
A reminder of a time when fun was what we made it
(Updated: April 02, 2013)
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What a pleasant place. Those of use ‘of a certain age’ appreciate the chance to relieve our childhood. Three floors of toys. Three floors of nostalgia. Of course the term interactive meant nothing to those of us who played with these toys back then. We created our own worlds through our toys. The toys did not dictate how we should lay, as seems to be the case today.

Mind you, the fact that one cannot feel and touch is a bit disappointing, but hey, these are a wonderful and in many cases rare collection. I would love to go there with a child bought up in the IT age of computer games and see the reaction. Perhaps there would be puzzlement.

I look at the old dinky toys and die cast trucks and wonders made out of what now looks like flimsy tin and I smile. The blurb tells you there that the collection has over 50,000 toys some over a century old.

I saw one piece which had a tag which claimed that its value was almost $15,000. What ever happened to my Batcar, my Little Yellow School Bus, my Triang Train, my Matchbox cars and so on?

It's and interesting enough place, particularly if you are a little older. Perhaps a little pricey, but of you are over 60 you can get a discount. And remember, you look at things behind cages. No touchy feely here.
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