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Enclaves B bryan-choo January 13, 2014 266
Superseded Soon?
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Orchard Road is a great place to be in for shopaholics, whether you got money or got no money. All the mega-malls are situated there, like ION and 313. It is especially beautiful to visit during festivals. During Christmas, the streets are decked with elaborate decorations and the mood is incredibly festive and uplifting.

Convenience is no issue. Tons of buses ply Orchard, and it boasts of 3 different MRT stations in its territory. Be warned, it can get crowded during weekends and public holidays. Thus, I suggest doing your leisure shopping only during weekday mornings. Makes for so much more ease and enjoyment.

Orchard Road used to reign supreme as the king of all shopping streets. But I fear its place may soon be taken by rebellious vagrants. Cue JEM, Westgate, and JCube. Same genre of stores and equally attractive. Definitely a worthy competitor if you hate the crowds of Orchard or it's simply too far for you.
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