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Enclaves X xinty July 07, 2012 314
Feels like home
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I love the authentic feel of Joo Chiat. It actually feels like one of the last few places that has not yet undergone that much of renovation and reconstruction, and yet manage to house a variety of shops like bakeries, cafes and eateries. They have different cuisines, ranging from a universally loved chocolate shop like Awfully Chocolate to smaller, cosier Vietnamese restaurants. They are authentic and also really affordable.

I love walking down the streets and crossing the small roads to different intersections. It's a great place to get brunch, chill or explore on your own. It also has the potential to be photographed as many of the shophouses are decked out in stunning, vibrant colours and also there are those that have the genuine creams and browns. An eye opening experience, full of sentimental value and love.
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