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Enclaves X xinty July 07, 2012 346
"Delicious & Cheap Food & Activities"
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It is one street away from Parkway Parade which has malls and are crowded with people most of the time, but there is also a price difference in things there. Even through it is not a very convenient place to get to. Most people will either get there by car, you can get there by bus too. Even so, it is a place where locals like to go to.

When you are at the place, you definitely have to try out the Katong laska in the area, which they would only give you a spoon to eat it with. You can get it at $4 per bowl. Another food that I would recommend around that area is at Katong shopping center, there is a food court at the basement or 1st floor. The chicken rice there is really nice and is really cheap. In a group you can buy the whole chicken and share the food among yourself, that time we had like 7 or 6 people and we just to pay about $3.50 each.

If you want to go for some karaoke session with your friend or simply just another place to hang out, I would recommend would be karaoke box at Teo Heng (which is also at the Katong shopping center). It is really cheap compared to kBox in other places. You can book the room for 3 hours and it is like $4 each. Do go explore and find out more about the area, there are a lot of good food around that area.
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