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Enclaves X xinty July 07, 2012 314
Old School Charm Mixed with New World Glamour
(Updated: July 31, 2015)
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I never learned to appreciate Katong for its traditional old world charm back when I was a hormonal school girl waiting for boys from a certain boys school nearby at Parkway Parade. But as I grew older and out of the skater girl phase of a 15 year old me, I learned to appreciate the ambiance of tradition that only Katong could give; with its old school coffee shops crammed under mismatched and bright coloured shop houses.
Currently, with its array of boutique cafes and indie shops like Cat Socrates and Penny University, it is beginning to become a pretty ' hipster' hangout for young adults, not to mention the commercialisation of the area with shopping centres like I12 and Katong Village. Not that this is a bad thing; with the rising popularity of the area, it creates more pronounced profile for the area and thus more publicity is created for the history of Singapore particularly the day-to-day lives of its citizens , a history that many of my contemporaries tend to neglect.
Of course cafes like Rabbit Carrot Gun and Dutch Colony offer fantastic coffee and instagram worthy desserts, it will never be able to be a Chin Mee Chin with its luxuriously decadent kopi and simple chocolate cupcakes. These cafes may offer salads with the latest ‘in’ ingredients, but they pale to offer the same comfort that a good bowl of laksa can, it doesn’t really matter whether you find the ‘ real’ Katong Laksa or not.
Katong, despite its certain inconveniences of travelling to, is worth the trip. In addition, the difficulty in going to the area just adds to its rustic glamour.

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Old school eateries mixed with modern cafes
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