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Miniatures of the local delights.
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Joo Chiat area would be one of the most inaccessible areas to head to, especially if you stay out of the east cause there's no MRT station that goes "Next station, Joo Chiat". Think about Chicken rice, Laksa, and even Kaya toast, then the hassle of heading there would be clouded with thoughts of local food!

1. Chicken Rice - Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice
If I'm away from Home and someone mentions Singapore, the first thought that comes up is "Darn, where's my chicken rice". There's quite a number of chicken rice stalls down the road of Joo Chiat, but there's a specific store that I would go over and over again just for my chicken rice fix.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice (191/193 East Coast Road) - such tender chicken with the fragrance of the rice, tempts me want to grab a second bowl for it. The highlight of the store is that it doesn't just sell the chicken or baby kai lan or fried tofu, but it has wide variety of dishes, similar to the typical "zi-char" stores!

2. Laksa - 328 Katong Laksa
If you're a Singaporean, I'm pretty sure 328 Katong Laksa is no stranger to you. Some say that 328 Katong Laksa is "over-rated" or "nothing special", but to me, it's the place I'd head to just for my laksa (yes, i'm that specific that it's the only place I head to for a good laksa). Among the streets of Joo Chiat, there's two stores and it's both at different ends (51/53 East Coast Road and 216/218 East Coast Road)

3. Kaya Toast - Chin Mee Chin Confectionery
The only reason I'd get out of bed for in the morning and make my way down to Joo Chiat (mind you, I don't stay anywhere Joo Chiat area but I'd specially head down for this). The place has been around for almost 80 years, and it's the place is filled with nostalgic memories of how Singapore used to be in the early 1980/70s.

Trust me, the texture of the bread is how you'd describe falling in love with food at first bite, crispy on the out side where you'd feel the crunch grinding against your teeth and soft fluffy texture on the inside with the kaya spread evenly at the top of the bun with the piece of butter that sums up it's amazing taste. You've no idea how good it is till you've tried it (204 East Coast Road)

Even if you stay at the other end of Joo Chiat area, you've to head down just to grab a bite to know how good it actually is, at least once in your life time, because you're missing out if you have yet been there!
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