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Enclaves X xinty July 07, 2012 314
Joochiat - Heaven by day, Hell by night
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Joochiat, with its colorful colonial houses and quaint neighborhood, boasts a number of upscale cafes and even an art gallery to boot, if my eyes did not deceive me the last time I was there. A good mix of traditional crafts and fine dining, the heritage-rich venue seems a likely candidate to be a favorite haunt of the modern hippie.

Yet all that would change with the coming of night.

At day's end, this innocent little enclave transform into a sleazy red light district reminiscent of Geylang. Admittedly, the situation is vastly improved from that of previous years. However, it is still not uncommon to hear drunken quarreling in the middle of the night. Driving along the streets, one is also bound to notice the many suggestively clad ladies loitering outside bars and clubs.

My uncle, living in a shophouse in Joochiat, bears testament to all these. Joochiat may be an angel during the day, but the devil reign at night.
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