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Enclaves X xinty July 07, 2012 355
Where the new and old meet
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Who said the new and the old go together like mould and cheese? In Joo Chiat, the new and old sit together in the same place, offering food that caters to the newer generation and that of the old.

On one side of Joo Chiat/Katong sits a modern street, with shops selling fast food, western food, electronics, all into the current era. On the more quiet side, you find eateries styled like those of the old days and shops selling products like old school cooking ware like charcoal steamboats.

My favourite shop is the popiah shop, with the interior looking like a 60-70s family restaurant, and the shop sells popiah and the items needed to make it, such as the skin, prepared by hand in an old style large hot pan. Joo Chiat is a place for both the young and old.
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