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Of heritage and food
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My usual trip home from school involves an one-hour long bus ride that passes through the heart of Joo Chiat, and even till now, I find myself pausing during conversations to look out at the various shophouses that line the street.

The Joo Chiat / Katong enclave is a district that has been preserved ever since the earlier times, and some of the wear and tear can still be seen on some of the buildings. However, the government has definitely done some credible touch up work, and these shophouses have been given a fresh coat of paint that conceal their true age. The architecture remains intact though, and that is fortunate, because it lends the streets at Joo Chiat an authentic feel that makes it an enjoyable place to take a light stroll.

Now, the shophouses have been converted to house more modern eateries, so Joo Chiat is pretty much a foodie's heaven, as various cuisines of sorts can be found here. From Western eateries like Spizza, to Peranakan cuisine, Joo Chiat certainly makes for a wonderful place to have meals at, as diners will definitely be spoilt for choice.

The streets at Joo Chiat will also make a fine place for a food trail, as one can easily settle a light meal here, then take a relaxing stroll down the streets, before finding something else to satiate any burgeoning hunger.

A delightful place of heritage that definitely adds on to our local culture!

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