Emerald Hill

E April 15, 2013
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Emerald Hill

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A rich neighbourhood that originally started as homes to the wealthy Peranakan community in Singapore.

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A hidden cultural oasis
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With all the hustle-and-bustle of Orchard Road, one would probably never have thought that a quiet yet culturally rich space like Emerald Hill could be found right next-door.

I first visited Emerald Hill during my secondary school days, when a friend of mine insisted on exploring the place after studying Stella Kon's monodrama, "Emily of Emerald Hill". Since then, it's been a frequent destination for my friends and I, especially when friends from overseas come over to visit.

With its quaint colonial architecture and restored Peranakan and Chinese-styled shophouses, topped off with the occasional antique shop selling some of the most exotic items, the area carries with it an almost transcendent air of historical heritage, mixed with a slight tinge of mystery over the many stories this place once held. Several of the shophouses also house some rather interestingly-themed bars and restaurants (though I'd heard are not exactly the most affordable places to dine at!) which add a flash of modernity to the place.

If you're a photography buff like many of my friends, do remember to come armed with your cameras and DSLRs - with its unique setting, you are bound to discover many rewarding finds at every turn. All in all, Emerald Hill is a hidden cultural oasis where one can come away from the busyness of city life and be refreshed by a vanishing cultural legacy.
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