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Enclaves L lizzzie July 04, 2012 691
Arabian style anyone?
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Walk into arab street, and you will be brought straight into the middle eastern lands. Textile and gem sellers line the street, run by friendly shopkeepers who, despite having their business in shops, are easy to communicate with, like those at market stalls.

The strong smell of the shisha smoke em-bellows the street, and coupled with the mosque and blazing heat one experiences while walking, it feels like a walk in the middle eastern marketplace.

The place also has some overrated turkish restaurants, which are not in the least excellent or value for money. The other shops selling food and drinks retail these things at exorbitant prices, and I would not really advise eating there since the food is not fantastic, expensive, and the environment is not very comfortable.

Perhaps an interesting shop to visit would be the fishing supplies shop, a good place to get fishing materials for avid fishermen
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