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Attractions M malcolm-baey March 19, 2012 2542
The only theme park we have
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USS in Singapore was our substitute for Disneyland. The fairytale-like atmosphere of the entire theme park is what draws me in, and makes me want to stay forever.

Entering USS lands you at its Hollywood zone, which instantly makes you feel like you’re in another country. One of my favourite aspects of USS it actually its music, which immerses you deeply into the entire experience. My first time here had me waiting ages for all the rides, but once you’ve had enough of the Waterworld shows and know when the next one starts, I guarantee, no waiting times! Take the opportunity to ride the Transformers ride and roller-coasters over and over again, in fairly empty cars.

The best investment for students would have to be their season pass, which gifts students unlimited visits to USS within a 6 month period for a valuable price. Now, let me just find some friends willing to tag along every week...

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