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Like the previous reviewer, I was also slightly apprehensive about taking this ride. I'm not too fond of overly thrilling activities nor do I like heights! But once I got over my worries, I was hooked on this ride.

I recommend that you take both the sky ride and the luge ride. The sky ride takes you on a tour in the sky and you can have a bird's eye view of Sentosa below your feet. Do take off slippers or shoes that are not tightly fit as they might fall off when you're suspended in the air. If you unfortunately drop something, there is a canopy below and your belongings can still be retrieved. It took a bit of getting used to when taking the sky ride. The sky rides do not stop and wait while passengers slowly get on. You've got to anticipate its arrival and hop on at the right time as it comes towards you. There are staff to help you with getting on.

Then comes then luge ride. It's something like go-karting and its easy to handle and operate. It's tons of fun if you go with your friends and everyone tries to outrun one another! You can also control the speed of the luge so you can slow down and speed up anytime you wish. My only gripe about the luge ride is that it doesn't last long enough!

Try these rides at least once! And if possible go on weekdays when the queue isn't insanely long!

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