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Attractions S strome February 20, 2012 1204
Fun for both adults and kids!
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I honestly did not expect myself to enjoy this ride. I have a phobia of heights and the attraction always seem to have far too many kids for adults to join. Well, the luge far surpassed my expectations and I would urge anyone not to be intimidated by the queue and just go for it!

The sky lift was scary, because it is exactly like a ski lift, and it travels way above the tree canopy. With that being said, it does offer a bird's eye view of Sentosa Island. Also, if you lose a flipflop, the staff will kindly help you retrieve it.. Or so I heard from my friend. Better not to try your luck though.

Once at the top, you take a luge down! It is very easy to control, and there are two paths to choose from, and from then on it's endless fun! It can go pretty fast so even though it is relatively safe, basic precaution must still be taken.

The only bad point: The safety helmets stink!
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