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Not getting bored even after a few rides
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Skyline Luge Ride is absolutely rides not to be missed whenever you visit the sunny island, Sentosa. Basically, Luge ride is like a mini go cart where you would be able to race through different tracks of your choice. Both tracks would enable you to explore different sides of the jungle and if you wish, you could always slow down anytime. Unfortunately, the track is not long enough and you would complete the course in around 10 minutes. Upon reaching the finishing line, there will be a small traffic light indicating you to slow down.

Meanwhile, as for the Skyline ride, you could always take before or after the luge ride. The skyline ride would take you to the initial point where you rode your cart. The skyline ride is awesome with three seaters, where you would be able to enjoy the jungle view from above. It would last around 7-10 minutes. Meanwhile, don't forget to bring along your camera to capture those memorable moments.

So look out for promotions or student discounts for this ride. Usual price for the 2 rides is around $12. If you would like to opt only for the sky ride, you could purchase the unlimited ride at only $10. It is totally worth the price you are paying for.

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