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Attractions M malcolm-baey March 23, 2012 878
Not for the adventurous.
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Started off as a humble transportation to Singapore's nearest tiny island, Sentosa, it has attracted many curious visitors to get a feel of being the air.

My first ride when I was still a child was pretty amzaing as it was my first time being up in the air! I remembered clearly sitting next to my younger brother and looking out at all what seemed smaller objects on the ground in amazement. However after approximately 10 minutes, we got bored.
My second ride was a few years back with my relatives from overseas. The cable car was a little squeezy for all of us and it became more and more stuffy as we approach Sentosa. The ventilation was very poor and for adventurous people like me and my brother, we were literally bored to death. Simply enjoying the view was good. But taking photos of the view outside were greatly obstructed by the window glass pannel as the focus are all disrupted. Furthermore, stains can be seen on the window from the outer side which makes photography out of question.

So, to just sit in the cable car with stuffy air was really bad. For those who love being in action like me, the monorail from Vivocity to Sentosa is a better, cheaper and faster route to sentosa to start your fun-pack actions as quickly as possible.
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