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Attractions M malcolm-baey March 23, 2012 1549
Love the greens
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Just walking through the silver gates and into the green forest brings one to another world. I vaguely remember the days when I was a child and my parents would bring my brother and I to the maze and let us climb the trees and run around. It was truly a magical place.

Even though a decade has passed, the place has not changed as much as I remember. It just became more touristy with more amenities. The boulevards and the swan lake still remains intact. And the best thing is the tree that I used to climb is still there. Every time I see a kid climbing that very same tree, my heart swells thinking of the times I did the very same thing.

The botanic gardens remains as a top picnic destination for me and will always be. I even want to walk down the boulevards in my wedding dress. I hope that I will get a chance to, without all the mosquitoes disturbing me.
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