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Not for the faint of heart!
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The omni-max theatre is a cinema that gives you a truly all-rounded experience. The screen fills a three dimensional dome and you are brought right into the heart of the movie experience.

The first time I entered the omni-max theatre was in Primary school, when we went there on an excursion. I was terrified of the place! We sat at the seats that were the furthest back, and this also meant they were the highest up. It really is quite frightening for those that have issues with height (including me) so be mindful of this! The railings are very sparse so there’s nothing much to hold on to despite feeling your legs start to get slightly wobbly as you ascend to the higher seats. Hold your wits and reach the top for the most amazing experience.

The shows are pretty much meant for children, but are also enjoyable for adults. I especially like the ones where the camera dips down into the landscape from an aerial view. You can certainly feel the G-force here, and be careful not to fall out of your seat!

Prices are steep but overall, it’s worth the experience and great entertainment for the whole family.

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