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Attractions D dawntillmidnight May 27, 2012 526
Overwhelming experience, but might get dizzy.
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The Omni-theatre is located beside Science Centre. I went there to enjoy a fun-filled activity with my girl-friend and we purchased the Omni-theatre tickets, Snow City and Science Centre entrance tickets as a package because I find that it is more worthwhile.
Omni-theatre is basically a theatre with gigantic movie screen that stretches from one end of the theatre to another. It is rounded so it feels that you are not only watching the movie, but actually in it. Do be careful with the stairs as it is quite a climb and is considerably steep. The seats are just like any ordinary movie theatre seats. We managed to get decent seats in the middle and there were only a few of us there as we visited this place during the weekdays. The movie experience was incredible. We watched this documentary about wildlife preservation and we felt like we were just inches away from the real thing. The movie is normally an hour long.
In conclusion, a great place to consider exploring if you are bored of the normal Orchard Road shopping and movie screenings. Plus, it is very near Jurong East Mrt thus it is quite accessible.

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