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Attractions D dawntillmidnight May 27, 2012 526
Wonderful experience that needs more publicity
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I remember watching IMAX movies in the Omni-Theatre as a kid and I'd always leave the place with a sense of wonder and with the images of the movie still playing in my head.

After a long absence, of about 10 years, I was looking forward to it once again. Buying a cup of warm popcorn and settling myself into my soft cushioned seat, I eagerly awaited the start of the movie. As I looked around me, I realized that there were not that many people in there with me. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, a feature on sharks. With the seats tilted back and the air-conditioning cool, I really enjoyed myself.

I hope to see more advertisements on the feature IMAX movies that Omni-Theatre as I feel they are due some publicity at least and more kids can enjoy this educational learning experience.
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