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Attractions D dawntillmidnight May 27, 2012 524
Educational and stunning
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The Omni-theatre proffers a brilliant movie experience like no other - a splendourous meld of both education and entertainment. The movie is screened (get this straight) not on a screen, but on the dome structure of the theatre, enabling you to feel deeply immersed in the movie as you are shrouded by the stunning visuals.

The seats are comfortably titled back a little so you would not feel your neck aching. The downside to the seats however is that there might be little leg space. Another downside to the omni-theatre experience is that the content of the movie is mostly educational. So if you are looking more towards enjoying a movie purely for entertainment sake, you are definitely there for the wrong reason. That said, the visuals are compelling enough to make your money worth, just that after 20min, you might get bored.
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