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Inspired with feathers!
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As someone who loves nature but can still be a little scared to be up close with all the amazing creatures (what an irony) that Mother Nature has to offer, Jurong Bird Park is the place to build up my courage.

The Park has designed many activities providing the public ample of opportuniteis to be up close with our little friends. From playing guessing games with the colourful parrots, to feeding the majestic (and a little intimidating) king of the sky - eagles - I have tried a mojority of it. Still, I couldn't help being nervous when I am near them.

The Park has done a great job of keeping the environment clean for us visitors to have a pleasant educational visit which I really appreciate. what touches me most is the similarities of the birds' wildlife environment to their homes in the park. Well, I can't say that it is 80 percent, but at least 60 percent is still commendable. At some point of time, I couldn't help but feel sorry for some of the birds locked in the cages or some who are in the open but with leg chains on. But I know that the care givers are trying their best to give what they deem best for the birds to grow healthily and at the same time, educate us about them.

Looking at the school children having their excursions, I suppose it is a good way to educate them from young the importance of doing our part to keep our environment safe and clean, and not forgetting about global issues such as global warming and deforestation which are leading to the deaths of many biodiversity. These information were well relayed by the guides at some stations of the park which arose my determination to continue to do the 3Rs. It may sound a little cliche, but I think for us to be able to continue see the continuity of these birds in the wild or even discover new species, actions are neccessary.

Heartfelt thanks to the guides and of course, my little feather friends who inspired me.

On a side note, one day doesn't seem to be enough to visit all the attractions properly. I had to give up visiting some so as to enjoy some facilities a little more. What I did was to packed sandwiches and drinks to lunch on while walking to save time to see more birds! But do remember to clean up your rubbish and try not to drop any crumbs if you intend to do so too!

Let's do our part together! (:

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Inspiration and photography of the birds
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