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Attractions J jared December 06, 2012 913
Kind Tips from a Stranger
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Okay this is not so much of a review than a post on tips I could offer when you're at Adventure Cove.

1. The food at the Cove is , similar to USS, inflated and extremely pricey for its quantity and quality. 
My advice: Just package food from outside.

2. Go early and on non peak periods 
Avoid Public Holidays, that place gets insanely packed!!!

3. Queue for the more popular rides first because once the crowds come in you'll be hanging around each queue for at least 45 minutes. More popular rides include the Rainbow Reef (my favourite!!!! A cheap alternative to snorkelling!!!) And Riptide Rocket.

4. Take advantage of the topping up to get a one year pass system if you enjoy the rides and you're sure to come back for more!
If I remembered correctly you have to top up around $50+ to your day pass, and you can only upgrade your day pass to a one year pass on the day itself otherwise it won't be valid. It translates to around going there 3 more times for you to have earned back whatever you've paid. :)

5. Locker wise, it costs $10 for a small locker and $20 for a large one.
My trick: "Sell" your locker after you're done with your day at Adventure Cove. I sold mine to the next person at $5, so it eased my wallet by abit and benefitted him as well! Win-win situation.

6. Wear your slippers around
I experienced blisters on my feet after queueing for quite a while at particular rides due to the extremely hot floor. I swear it was burning :(. To avoid the same predicament my advice is for you to wear slippers around. Shelves are available for you to place your footwear at.
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