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Attractions J jared December 06, 2012 918
Fun for all types of people!
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I last went to Adventure Cove with 3 of my best friends. With the 3 of us having totally no sense of direction and too much pride to ask anyone, we spent about half an hour finding the theme park. It is, after all, tucked away into a cosy corner of Sentosa (near Waterfront Station.)

Out of the 4 of us, 2 of us were thrill-seekers (including me!) and my other 2 friends were less gutsy - compared to me, that is - and I'm a total adrenaline junkie. I don't actually think it's fair for them to be compared against people like me. In all honesty, I thought that my 2 less-adventurous friends would not enjoy the trip to Adventure Cove but I was proven very, very wrong. Although the park has thrilling water slides such as the Riptide Rocket, it also has attractions catering to the more faint-hearted such as the Rainbow Reef (snorkelling!)

Although a visit to Adventure Cove can be slightly pricey with a $29 admission fee and $10/$20 for locker rentals depending on locker size, I think it is worth a visit because it caters to all, and provides great family fun too. I would definitely visit Adventure Cove again! And find the place more quickly next time - more time = more fun!

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