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Attractions J jared December 06, 2012 906
Not so great as told
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Good to visit for the first time if you haven't been there, but there's definitely much more for the management to look into.

First, we experienced some difficulties getting a locker to place our valuables. And we were surprised to be told that the $10 charge for small lockers does not allow you to reopen the locker, which is seemingly crazy to us. We were also told that we can leave our towels and sunblock with the life guards who were standing around. But it's just not possible to remember who has your belongings after all the fun, isn't it?

Then, it was the floats which we were told to just grab any that we see. But some of the families collected the floats and placed their belongings on them so that no one could take them. I think there should be much better control over the issuance of the floats instead of asking us to "grab any that we see".

Nonetheless, it was great floating along, as music was played and it went well with the sun! It was quite a memorable experience as we swam past stingrays and those lovely fishes.

We managed to try the 2 of the rides (Pipeline Plunge and Tider Twister). It was however quite a long climb up the stairs in order to take the rides, which made it tiring even before we went on the rides. Some kids were also stuggling to lug the large floats along with them.

It was however disappointing that those of us who did not manage to join in the snake-long queue for the RipeTide Rocket were turned away as the park closes at 6pm sharp.

The washroom queues were long as expected. But this usher aunty who was directing the people in the washroom was orderly and directed us to the respective queues. This has at least reduced some of our minor frustrations with the long queues as she was polite.

On the overall, the rides were fun but the parking fees were exorbitant. A good $20! If you are on a family budget, I guess it's a better idea to take the train instead of driving.

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