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Wings is a Malaysian Hard Rock Band formed in the early 80s. Together with the band Search,  they helped to spread the popularity of rock music on TV during the years when rock music was generally frowned upon. They enjoyed wide popularity on both sides of the Causeway and have regularly played live in both countries.

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Music that defined my generation....
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The first time I heard a song by Wings, it was in 1988 on the radio. The title of the song was "Intan ku Kesepian". Back then, when I was too young to afford cassettes, listening to the radio was a favourite past time. Programmes such as dedication hour or the weekly chart shows were hugely popular and it was on one of those chart shows on Malay radio I heard that song. The song was haunting. It smacked of pain and longing and it was hugely popular. Wings brought to the airwaves a definitive sound that refreshed the Malay rock scene. The other most-popular band was Search and the rivalry between the two were like the rivalry between Blur and Oasis a decade later in the UK.

I had been a big fan of Wings though I have now found a greater appreciation of Search after attending a live Search concert in KL. Wings' live shows were good but not great partly because I find the experience akin to listening to their recordings. Search however, improvise plenty and each live show is different. Perhaps, this exposes one area lacking in their musicianship. But thanks for the memories. I still listen to their older hits.

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