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Bands K khairul-nizam September 16, 2013 91
The one band that grew on me...
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I started listening to Malay rock in earnest probably around 1988. Back then there were arguably 2 bands worth listening to, Search and Wings. Back in those years, what was popular were pop-ish, radio friendly sort of songs.

Malaysian TV back then showed rock music videos but tend to distort the images just because rock musicians tend to have long hair. But still rock prevailed...they say rock never die. In the end, Amy and his other colleagues decided to cut off their offending hair so that they could play on TV where the exposure mattered. In the end for the authorities it was a hollow victory as just a few years later, rock musicians started appearing on TV with their long hair and all and nobody batted an eyelid.

I didn't quite like Search back then as Search had a keyboardist as part of the setup. I preferred Wings instead. Search was like Bon Jovi whereas Wings was a little like Motley Crue and I was going through a phase liking the "badasses" , not that Motley Crue were really that badass.

As I grew older I started appreciating Search a lot more, their musicianship is second to none. I watched their live show once at Hard Rock KL and I had a really good time. In contrast, I found that Wings' live shows were nothing really special.

I still love Search. They really epitomise the saying "Rock never die beb!"

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