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Authors I iswariya October 15, 2012 279
I love the memories....
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When I was a little boy I had a collection of Lat's comics in my collection of books. Mind you, they were not cheap. Back in the 90s, they cost at least about $15 but the cost did not deter me.
I had his comics in both Malay and English editions.
The many hours of pleasure that I derived from reading them was definitely a good ROI in my books.

What I loved about Lat was how he told the story of his life through his distinctive style of drawing. Many were honest recollections of his childhood, like in Kampong Boy. They gave me a little insight into how life was like back then.

I also enjoyed his caricatures of political and social figures. Using the innocent medium of comic, he was able to critic using a combination of art and satire. He is a social commentator par excellence.
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