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Shopping Malls K kooooon November 05, 2012 873
What a surprise
(Updated: February 04, 2013)
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Overall Rating 
I first went to this mall when I was around 10 years old and at that time, this place was so sad everything is in complete dire state. I thought to myself, this mall will go down any minute over the years after seeing the whole disaster look of it.

But sometime a few months back, I accidentally dropped by here for a meal after doing errands at nearby shop. From the outside, the mall looks almost the same like what I saw years ago, so I thought nothing much has improved inside as well. But to my surprise, the mall has a good revamped and transformed itself to meet the new standards.

The shops are variety and I can see some well known brands added to the merchant line. Restaurants and eateries are a lot but a bit scattered, which is troublesome for me to go up and down looking for my favorite spot. But the mall is big enough and the whole ambiance looks great. And much to my delight, the toilets are clean and smell good.

It's nice sight, really, to finally see the old mall has gone into a well transformed mall over the years.
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