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Uniqlo, in my opinion, does not exactly sell unique clothing but provide the best offers when it comes to comfortable, premium, refined and well-cut basics. What is probably unique is their small designer collaboration pieces where clothes are pricier (because after all, you're paying for its exclusive design) than their usual range of products or their T-shirts under their collaboration ranges (e.g. their popular One Piece range for the One Piece fans or even for the cultured movie-lovers of David Lynch, you could get David Lynch movie tees).

The stores all around in Singapore are well taken care of and clean with an adequate number of staff ready to greet you and tidy up the clothes. The waiting time at the changing room queues is bearable due to the efficient system at Uniqlo. Also, the staff are easily approachable (they're well spread out) and helpful.

Probably all... except one whom I've met who is absolutely disgusting in terms of performance. One of the retail assistants was so blatantly rude that before I finished asking her about a product, her eyes were drifting away and she replied me with a "mehhhhh" (don't know what that means. I only understand English), leaving me behind, making me feel like I totally got punk'd! Thanks a lot.

That said, their service is generally good. I am an impartial person and I suppose that insolent girl is only an anomaly. However, another thing which I abhor is the fact that they sometimes overly greet their customers, especially when their "Welcome to Uniqlo!" is spoken with too much fluctuating inflection. It can sometimes get on my nerves or gives me goosebumps when they do it too exaggeratedly. But that's me... and I can be quite a difficult person to please.

All in all, it is a crowd pleaser and I'd still love to check their store out especially for their blazers which fit like a dream! :)

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