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General Clothing & Others R rui-ling-teo December 11, 2012 76
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A pair of quality denim will last forever, and that statement itself could not have been truer. True Religion is the one of the cult denim brands to invest in and I am happy with my pair.. except for the fact that I have short legs.

We remember that True Religion originates from the USA and is therefore really targeting at the average Caucasian size. I do not have legs a mile long, making alterations a must (for almost every brand of denim, now that I think of it), but the same pair is not the same anymore. The skinny drainpipe has been altered away and all that is left is a straight leg fit, not a skinny one. As much as it is desirable, one must really try it on before investing in a pair. Oh, the woes of being petite.

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